Water Dispensers For Home

People of 21st century are so busy with their everyday schedules that they are ready to welcome any gadget that would make their lives easier and more convenient. People do not have enough time to even boil water and thus to solve this problem hot and cold water dispensers have come up. With the help of hot and cold water dispenser ,one can warm up food, milk bottles, make instant noodles and soup, instant coffee and tea and can do many other tasks  in  a few seconds.

The hot and cold water dispenser is easy to use and does not require a big space. So installing it in a house or an office is not a problem at all.

A water Dispenser placed in open Kitchen
A water Dispenser placed in open Kitchen

The hot and cold water dispenser is available in a wide range of designs and styles. Some are designed with a high spout while some are designed with a low spout. The variety of water dispensers not only vary  in different designs and styles but with different capacities too.


  • Chlorofluorocarbon free, high efficiency compressor or thermoelectric systems, and advanced semi-conductor cooling technology, allow water to cool without involving high cost.
  • Semi-conductor systems are well known for their quick operation.
  • Hot and cold water dispenser saves time and effort .
  • Using hot and cold water dispenser is very economical.
  • Hot and cold water dispenser is an environment friendly appliance which does not cause any pollution.
  • This appliance may also serve as a reminder of the importance of drinking enough water everyday.

You can visit websites like watercoolerpros or Amazon to get a list of different varieties of water dispensers available in market. Some of the best selling models are –

  • CLOVER B7A-The hot and cold water dispenser offered by clover has a one piece ABS drip which is removable and facilitate easy cleaning. It also offers superior resistance to UV degradation. It comes up with a handle for easy transportation. Its UV protected cabinet prevents rusting. The cold water temperature can be controlled from 35.6 F to 53.6 F by adjusting thermostat.
  • HAMILTON BEACH BL-1-4A –This hot and cold water dispenser from Hamilton features food –grade stainless steel water tanks to provide clean and pure drinking water all day long. The BL-1-4A dispenser includes an indicator light that flashes when the bottle needs to be replaced. This water dispenser does not require filters and includes a removable dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • New Air WCD -200W-The hot and cold water dispenser of New Air is ultra quiet and gives a plastic free taste. It is small and compact and is compatible for 2,3 and 5 gallon bottles of water. The hot water temperature ranges from 176 °F-203° F. And the cold water ranges from 43 °F-50 °F.


A  quality hot and cold water dispenser is considered as one of the best options for adding healthy and clean water to our diet .Though water dispensers involves some cost ,but incurring such a cost is a better option as compared to the cost spend on visiting a doctor when a person falls ill due to intake of unhealthy water.

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